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Phil Robertson, Comstock Creamery/Blaser’s Premium Cheeses

"Your courteous, knowledgeable staff, in-house support, accurate order filling and fast shipping are all aspects needed in supporting our industry. Good suppliers make good companies look great... and also make my job easier."

Judy Schad, Capriole Farmstead Goat Cheeses

"Dairy Connection has been our 'go-to' for all culture supplies and technical support. Over the years, their technical knowledge and prompt response has been an invaluable and essential part of the development of our cheeses."

Kevin Burnsteel, Pineland Farms, Inc.

"Dairy Connection customer service and attention to detail have always been spot-on."

Quality ingredients are just the beginning

For 20 years, Dairy Connection Inc. has served the dairy industry as a supplier of the cultures, coagulants, flavor enzymes, other ingredients, equipment and technical expertise needed to create a wide variety of types of cheeses as well as fermented milks such as yogurt, kefir and sour cream.

Our friendly team of knowledgeable technical specialists are available to assist you with any product choice, application, or troubleshooting questions that you may have.

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