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Adjunct culture recommended for cheddar and other semi-hard cheeses to enhance/accelerate flavor and aroma.

Helv A

 Complex thermophilic multiple-strain culture. HELV A is a fast acidifying and very robust culture. Due to its high proteolytic activity, this culture can especially be applied as an adjunct culture for the production of hard cheese with strong aroma and robust sweet and nutty flavor.


LB340 is a strain of thermophilic lactic bacteria often utilized along with S. thermophilus in the production of Italian cheeses such as provolone, mozzarella, parmesan and Romano, though this culture can also be used to produce fermented milk.


Adjunct culture providing accelerated maturation, low lipolytic activity and enhanced flavor and aroma. Used in semi-hard cheeses such as cheddar.


LH100 is a thermophilic culture blend of lactobacilli that functions as a flavor and texture enhancer when used in combination with thermophilic culture for hard cheese, Italian cheeses, and Swiss cheeses. 


LM57 is a mesophilic adjunct culture that primarily produces CO2 (gas) and diacetyl (butter flavor) in cheese due to citrate fermentation. This culture does not produce lactic acid. It is often used as an enhancer with the MM series for blue cheeses and Gouda to create more gas and openness in the cheese.

MD Series

Mesophilic aroma culture used as adjunct with other mesophilic cultures (such as MM series) to enhance the flavor in fresh cheeses and soft ripened cheeses such as Brie/Camembert, Chevre, Blue. 

Propionibacterium 50

This culture is used as an adjunct primarily for the eye formation, aroma and flavor production in Swiss-type cheeses.