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Double-strength, 100% fermentation-derived chymosin enzyme (CHY-MAX® Extra) for coagulation of milk. Consistent performance. Liquid form. This product is vegetarian. A preservative-free version of this product is available via special order; please contact Dairy Connection Technical Service for more information.

IMCU (international milk clotting units) = 660 (avg)

Please note that due to intermittent shortages of certain packaging supplies due the ongiong COVID-19 pandemic, some of our products have been packaged in substitute packaging. Please be assured that there is no change to the product within. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our Customer Service or Technical Service teams at 608-242-9030.


All cheese types requiring coagulant.

1.0-1.5 oz. (31-42 mls) per 1000 lbs. milk, depending on cheese type

Water, sodium chloride, sodium benzoate E211 (<1%), Chymosin

Kosher, certificate available

Holds non-GMO status but originally derived from a GMO source, thus not accepted by all certifying bodies.

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