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Custom Culture Blends

Individualized blends for cheese, yogurt and fermented milks

The Dairy Conection technical team will work closely with your research and development staff to develop a custom blend of bacteria to perfectly fit your application requirements and goals. Custom culture blends are an added value, ultimately resulting in cost savings for most operations.

  • Tailored to meet your product's functional needs and your market's demands
  • Sized for your batch, eliminating at-the-vat measuring
  • Perfect bacteria ratios every batch
  • Eliminate open pouches, reducing waste and risk
  • Protect your proprietary recipe

To learn more about custom culture blends and how they can benefit your product and streamline your process, please contact Dairy Connection Technical Service at 608-242-9030. Please note that custom culture blends are subject to a minimum volume -- please contact us for more details.