Marzyme XT 850 PF (formerly called PF 55)

Marzyme XT 850 PF (formerly called PF 55) is the preservative-free version of Marzyme Supreme double-strength microbial coagulant. This coagulant is derived from a fermentation of purified culture of Rhizomucor miehei. Liquid form. This product is vegetarian. All ingredients conform to organic standards, although the product is produced in a non-organic certified facility. Consult with your local organic certifier. 

IMCU (international milk clotting units) = 875 (avg)




All cheese types requiring coagulant.

0.75-1.0 oz. (22-29 mls) per 1000 lbs. milk for hard and semi-hard cheese.

Vegetarian double-strength microbial coagulant (origin Rhizomucor miehei), sodium chloride without aniti-lumping agent, water

Kosher, certificate available


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