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Industry Links

American Cheese Society:

Best Practices Guide for Cheesemakers (2nd Edition), a complimentary resource from the American Cheese Society:

Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy:

Innovation Center's Food Safety Information page:

The Safe Cheesemaking Hub - Food Safety Resources for Cheesemakers:

Dairy Food Safety Coalition:

Dairy Food Safety Coalition's Free Safety Feedback can be reached by emailing:

University of Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research:

Cheese Reporter:

Culture Magazine:

Cheese Market News:

International Dairy Foods Association:

IDFA's Food Safety Map:

Interactive Map of Local, State, Regional and National Dairy Food Safety Resources

American Academy of Microbiology: Microbes Make the Cheese Report: -- Digesting the Science of Fermented Foods

Precision Biolabs (Microbiological analysis lab; co-op with reduced rates for members):

Blue Compass Compliance (SQF & Food Safety Compliance Consultant, WI)