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Lipase enzymes enhance the flavor of Italian and specialty-type cheeses. The active lipase enzyme will produce a specific ratio of free fatty acids as a result of milkfat lipolysis when added directly to milk, affecting aroma and flavor of cheese. Dairy Connection Inc. offers a variety of kid, calf and lamb lipase powders to produce that traditional "Old World" flavor.


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LP300 Kid

Kid lipase: Sharp "picante" flavor characteristics for Romano and Provolone

LP400 Kid-lamb

Kid-lamb lipase: Traditional "pecorino" flavor characteristics for Romano, Provolone, feta 

LP500 Lamb

Lamb lipase: Very sharp "pecorino" flavor characteristics for Romano

LP600 Calf

Calf lipase: Mild "picante" flavor characteristics for Mozzarella, Asiago, Provolone, Feta, Blue