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Phil Robertson, Comstock Creamery/Blaser’s Premium Cheeses

"Your courteous, knowledgeable staff, in-house support, accurate order filling and fast shipping are all aspects needed in supporting our industry. Good suppliers make good companies look great... and also make my job easier."

Judy Schad, Capriole Farmstead Goat Cheeses

"Dairy Connection has been our 'go-to' for all culture supplies and technical support. Over the years, their technical knowledge and prompt response has been an invaluable and essential part of the development of our cheeses."

Kevin Burnsteel, Pineland Farms, Inc.

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Natural Protection

Get natural food protection with Holdbac™ line of protective cultures and Natamax® natural antimicrobials

Dairy Connection is proud to offer natural, bioprotective solutions to help prevent spoilage and/or pathogen growth and to help preserve shelf life. Produced by Danisco/DuPont, the Holdbac™ line of protective cultures and Natamax® natural antimicobials preserve the sensory qualities of your cheese while helping ensure the safety of your product through shelf life.

Natural bioprotective options available from Dairy Connection include:

Holdbac™ LC

Composition: Lb. plantarum

Benefits: Growth control of leuconostocs, heterofermentative lacto bacilli, enterococci; Labelled as starter culture; Minimal sensory influence

Cheese Types: Cheddar and american cheeses, hard and semi-hard cheeses

Formats available: freeze-dried (100 or 500 DCU); frozen (750 DCU)

Holdbac™ YM (B or C)

Composition: Lb. rhamnosus (YM-B); Lb. paracasei (YM-C); P. freudenreichii subsp. shermanii (both YM-B and YM-C)

Benefits: Growth control of yeasts and molds; Growth control of some heterofermentative lactic bacteria; Labeled as starter culture; Minimal sensory influence

Cheese Types: Soft unripened cheese including white brined cheese, cottage cheese, Neufchatel

Formats available: freeze-dried YM-C (100 DCU); freeze-dried YM-B (500 DCU); frozen YM-B /YM-C (500 DCU)


Composition: Polyene macrolide produced by fermentation of Streptomyces natalensis. Natamax is minimum 50% Natamycin and maximum 50% lactose (carrier).

 Benefits: Inhibition and growth control of yeasts and molds (mycotoxin risk reduction); High efficacy at very low concentration; No activity on bacteria (eg. starter culture); Low water solubility; No migration from the surface; More efficient than chemicals

Cheese Types: Soft unriped cheese, blue-veined cheese, cheddar and american cheeses, hard and semi-hard cheeses, pasta filata, shredded and processed cheese

Formats available: freeze-dried (500 GRAMS); also available in sucrose-free version  by special order

Feel free to contact the Dairy Connection Inc. technical staff to request more information about these products and decide which natural food protection choice is best for you.