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We've moved!

Our new facility (just five minutes away from our previous location) offers our team more than twice the space, giving us the room to best serve our clients. With a dedicated application laboratory, streamlined and expanded shipping and warehouse areas and significantly more production space, we envision many more years of continued service as a preferred supplier to the specialty and artisan dairy industry.

New Address:

Dairy Connection Inc.
2312 Vondron Rd.
Madison, WI 53718

Upcoming Events, Courses and Workshops:


Virtual training: Special Educational Series by American Cheese Society | Online: Ongoing

This series covers a variety of business and personal-development topics through shared industry knowledge and experiences. These webinars are FREE and open to all, regardless of ACS membership thanks to our partnership with Dairy Connection Inc. To learn more, visit:


Science of Farmstead Cheese | Online Course: Ongoing

Understand the fundamentals of cheese and milk chemistry with this self-paced online course. Modules include: Cheese, Culture and the Cheesemaker; Milk Chemistry; 10 Steps of Cheesemaking; Starter Culture Technology; Rennet and Coagulation; Salting and Molding; Cheese Aging Chemistry; Cheese Analysis and Evaluation; Course Summary and Next Steps.Cost of this course is $699 (discount available to Vermont Cheese Council members -- contact VCC for the discount code). To learn more about this course, visit:


In-person training: The Science and Art of Cheese Making Short Course | November 8-11, 2021 | Penn State; University Park, PA

Gain knowledge of the materials and processes used to make specialty cheese and learn techniques to improve your business. This four-day course covers milk composition and microbiology, rennet and cheese cultures, cheese-making principles, sanitation practices, food safety plans, sensory evaluation, and marketing. This course emphasizes interactive learning through the integration of hands-on chesse-making, classroom discussions, demonstrations, and tasting sessions. Breaks, lunches, and a reception encourage further discussion. Cost of this four-day course is $1125.00 if registered by 10/18/2021, $1325.00 thereafter. To learn more, visit:


In-person training: Dairy Food Basics: Fundamentals of Quality and Safety | September 8, 2021 @ Penn State Extension Mercer County Office, Mercer, PA or November 2, 2021 @ Penn State, University Park, PA

This one-day workshop addresses the principles of producing high-quality and safe dairy foods. Participants in this workshop will gain knowledge of milk properties and factors important to producing quality dairy products. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and principles of cleaning and sanitizing are key to manufacturing safe food. This course covers writing of procedures and record keeping, and has an optional practical session where participants can work on their own documents while getting feedback and having questions answered by the instructor. To learn more and register, visit: September 8th Session at Mercer or November 2nd session at University Park


In-person training: Hazard Analysis and Preventative Controls for Small-Scale Dairy Processors | September 9, 2021 @ Penn State Extension Mercer County Office, Mercer, PA or November 3, 2021 @ Penn State, University Park, PA

This one-day workshop provides resources and hands-on experience in preparing documents for a food safety plan. This course reviews the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements from the perspective of small-scale dairy foods processors. The course reviews dairy hazards, preventive controls, and how to conduct a hazard analysis, determine preventive controls and write a recall plan. The course includes a practical session for participants to work on their documentation while receiving feedback from the instructor.To learn more and register, visit: September 9th Session at Mercer or November 3rd session at University Park


Virtual training: Dairy Science and Sanitation | Online: Ongoing

Available from Cornell University, this online self-paced Dairy Science and Sanitation workshop is tailored to dairy processing personnel and is designed to help participants understand the basic principles of dairy science and safety, as well as emphasize dairy processing establishment needs related to dairy sanitation to ensure that proper programs are conducted in their establishments. To learn more, visit:


National Dairy Food Safety Coalition Workshops | Workshops taking place nationwide: Dates vary

The National Dairy Food Safety Coalition's mission is to support artisan dairy producters in their pursuit of reviewing, implementing, and improving their food safety practices. The Coalition provides support for this effort via multiple channels, including workshops designed to help artisans distill food safety regulations and develop specialized food safety plans. To learn more and view the current schedule, visit:


UW Center for Dairy Research Shortcourses | Madison, WI: Ongoing

The University of Wisconsin CDR offers a variety of shortcourses throughout the year. To learn more and view the current schedule, visit: