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Sales Tax Exemption Information

Why are we asking for this form?

Due to recent changes in U.S. interstate commerce sales & use tax law, we are required by most states to obtain proof of sales tax exemption from our customers. In summary, South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. (2018), was a United States Supreme Court case in which the court held by a 5–4 majority that states may charge tax on purchases made from out-of-state sellers, even if the seller does not have a physical presence in the taxing state. To learn more about this case and its ramifications to interstate commerce, here is a thorough explanation.

How do we comply?

The majority of states have a state-specific form to be completed by those who are exempt from sales/use taxes. We require this completed form for our records. You are likely already familiar with your state's form, if you make business purchases for which you are not taxed (this varies by state, but many business expenses -- especially ingredients used in the process of making a final product that will be sold -- are not taxed). Please note that W-9 forms are not accepted for this requirement. For your convenience, we have listed links to each states' form(s) (if applicable) in the below chart. We've been diligent to ensure that this list is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but if you have any questions or notice a form has changed recently, please let us know.

Please note that some states' forms do expire. We will contact you for an updated form upon expiration.

If you do not have a state-specific form, the multijusrisdiction (general) form is acceptable and is available here.

State Form Name(s) and Link(s)
Alabama Use Multistate Form
Alaska Use Multistate Form
Arizona Processors: Form 5000
Distributors: Form 5000A
Arkansas Form ST-391
California Processors: Multistate Form
Distributors: Form CDTFA-230
Colorado Form DR-0563
Connecticut CT Sales & Use Tax Resale Form
Delaware Use Multistate Form
Florida Processors: Multistate Form
Distributors: DR-13 (Resale Certificate) Form info
Georgia Processors: Form ST-M5
Distributors: Form ST-5
Hawaii Processors: Multistate Form
Distributors: Form G-17
Idaho Form ST-101
Illinois Processors: Multistate Form
Distributors: Form CRT-61
Indiana Form ST-105
Iowa Form 31014
Kansas Processors: ST-28C
Distributors: ST-28A
Kentucky Form 51A105
Louisiana Use Multistate Form
Maine Processors: ME Blanket Certificate of Exemption - Industrial
Distributors: ME Resale Certificate Information
Maryland Use Multistate Form
Massachusetts Processors: Form ST-12
Distributors: Form ST-4
Michigan Form 3372
Minnesota Form ST3
Mississippi Use Multistate Form
Missouri Form 149
Montana Use Multistate Form
Nebraska Form 13
Nevada SST Form
New Hampshire Use Multistate Form
New Jersey Form ST-3
New Mexico Form NTTC info
New York Processors: Form ST-121
Distributors: Form ST-120, NY Resale Certificate
North Carolina Form E-595E
North Dakota Processors: North Dakota Certificate of Processing
Distributors: North Dakota Certificate of Resale
Ohio Form STEC-U
Oklahoma Use Multistate Form
Oregon Use Multistate Form
Pennsylvania PA Exemption Certificate
Rhode Island SST Form
South Carolina Processors: Multistate form
Distributors: ST-8A
South Dakota SST-SD Form
Tennessee Use Multistate Form
Texas Form 01-339
Utah Use Multistate Form
Vermont Processors: Form S-3M
Distributors: Form S-3
Virginia Processors: ST-24
Distributors: ST-10
Washington WA SST
West Virginia Form CST-280
Wisconsin Form S-211
Wyoming SST Form