Special Order Products

We strive to provide a wide variety of popular cultures, enzymes and ingredients for our clients. However, if you need a product not included in our stock product listings, please note that it is likely that we can easily source the product(s) you require. Unlike our stock products, however, special order items may be subject to a minimum quantity purchase and a lead time. Examples of special order products are below; this list is not exhaustive -- please inquire with Dairy Connection Technical Service for more information.

To learn about Dairy Connection custom blending options (available for most freeze-dried cultures), please visit our Custom Blends page.

Freeze-dried cultures

Frozen cultures

  • MAC 52 (Danisco)
  • R-Series Bulk Set | R150, R160, R170, R180, R190 (Danisco)
  • ST 981 Bulk Set (Danisco)
  • R200 
  • AC Series (Danisco)
  • FLORA Series | FLORA C150, FLORA C160, FLORA C 170, FLORA C950, FLORA C960 (Danisco)
  • PROBAT M7 (Danisco)
  • HC-1 CHOOZIT (Danisco)
  • EYES 1 CHOOZIT (Danisco)
  • FLAVOBAC LF304 (Danisco)
  • PROBAT M7 (Danisco)
  • MH8 CHOOZIT (Danisco)
  • M532 CHOOZIT (Danisco)
  • FMQ3 (Danisco)
  • RSF-940 (Chr Hansen)
  • R-608 (Chr Hansen)
  • 970 (Chr Hansen)
  • CAF (Chr Hansen)
  • Prop Acid PS-1, PS-4 (Chr Hansen)
  • PS 60 (Chr Hansen)
  • KFP R-604 (Chr Hansen)
  • KFP CHN-19 (Chr Hansen)
  • KFP STC-7 (Chr Hansen)
  • KFP CH-3 (Chr Hansen)
  • KFP LH-17 (Chr Hansen)
  • SSC-17 (Chr Hansen)
  • LH-B01, LH-B02 (Chr Hansen)
  • LB-12 (Chr Hansen)
  • FLORA C Series | FLORA C150, FLORA C160 (Chr Hansen)
  • CR-520, CR-540 (Chr Hansen)
  • CR-BOUQUET 01 (Chr Hansen)
  • CR-MATURE 01 (Chr Hansen)
  • SSC-100 (Chr Hansen)
  • DSG-200-70 (Chr Hansen)
  • YO-FAST 10 (Chr Hansen)
  • 100-R DELVO ADD (DSM)
  • Y-65 ULTRA-GRO (DSM)
  • LL-50A Mesophilic DELVO-TEC (DSM)

Ripening, Mold, Other


  • Natamax Gel (Danisco)
  • Microgard 200 (Danisco)
  • Nisaplin (Danisco)
  • Holdbac Listeris Dairy (Danisco)


  • Marzyme 70 (Danisco)
  • Rennet Paste 32 (Danisco)
  • SPICEIT AL (Chr Hansen)

Other Ingredients


  • Replacement parts and nets for Kadova molds