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Our new home


Change is scary; change is exciting; change is a LOT of work. As you may (or may not) have heard, Dairy Connection went through a bit of a metamorphosis recently. After a number of years of bumping against the confines of our steadfast and longtime facility on Tasman St., we moved our entire operation into a new home about two weeks ago.

Just down the road three-ish miles, Dairy Connection’s new facility on Vondron Rd. (which we’ve affectionately given the nickname “Vonderland,”) more than doubles our space. Our production area, where we re-package a number of products as well as create and package custom culture blends and other custom products, has grown from one room to four. Our cold storage space has expanded significantly as well, and our technical service team has an official application lab now. In short, Vonderland is giving us the room we need to spread our wings.

The move itself went relatively smoothly, involving the entire staff, a hard-working moving company, plenty of caffeine, a lot of sweat and a little blood, and a few really long days. We’re still somewhat in a state of transition — many of us still have boxes to unpack and we haven’t hung the artwork quite yet, but most other systems are in place. We will share photos of the finished space once we get a bit more settled (and we’ll have a formal Open House in October, details coming soon), but meanwhile here are some photos of the move. Thanks for everyone’s patience during our transition. We look forward to serving our wonderful clients better than ever!

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