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World Championship Cheese Contest 2022

By: Valerie Tobias | Marketing Coordinator, Dairy Connection Inc. The biennial World Championship Cheese Contest takes place in here in Madison, Wis. the first week of March of every even-numbered year. Several members of the Dairy Connection staff took part in the event this year, serving on the contest’s volunteer “B-Team” — an army of […]

Weathering the storm

By: Emily Harbison with contribution by Bill Rufenacht | Technical Specialists, Dairy Connection Inc. Here at Dairy Connection, we feel fortunate to have built strong relationships with many hundreds of creameries across America over the last 20+ years. Every day during this crisis, members of our team connect with clients managing the myriad complexities and […]

A message from Dave

By: Dave Potter | President, Dairy Connection Inc. Just over three weeks into our company response to the global pandemic, Dairy Connection continues to function smoothly with minimal staff physically on site. Shipments continue to come and go on schedule thanks to our fulfillment team and customer service and operations managers, while the rest of […]

pH: It’s pHundamental

By: Bill Rufenacht | Technical Specialist, Dairy Connection Inc. Why does pH matter in making fermented dairy products? In the manufacture of cultured dairy products (cheese, yogurt, kefir, etc.) starter cultures are responsible for the task of converting lactose (milk sugar) to lactic acid. The amount of lactic acid produced plays a key role in creating […]