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CHY-MAX® M 1000

Triple-strength, 100% fermentation-derived chymosin enzyme for coagulation of milk. This product contains a milk-clotting enzyme that is highly specific for kappa-casein, resulting in very good curd formation. Low proteolytic activity. Used in all cheese types requiring coagulant, especially in applications targeting minimized proteolysis. Good option for high-moisture cheeses such as mozzarella, provolone, muenster. Liquid form. This product is vegetarian.

IMCU (international milk clotting units) = 1000 (average)


All cheese types requiring coagulant.

20-50 IMCU per liter of milk, depending on cheese type

Water, sodium chloride, sodium benzoate E211 (<=0.5%), Chymosin

Kosher, certificate available

Holds non-GMO status but originally derived from a GMO source, thus not accepted by all certifying bodies.

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