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Nearly all cheesemaking requires the use of a coagulant. Natural coagulant comes from unweaned calves and is called rennet. An alternative to veal rennet is microbial coagulant, which is derived from Mucor miehei and is often referred to as "vegetable" or vegetarian rennet. Coagulants are available in either liquid or tablet formats. Liquid coagulants must be refrigerated. Calcium chloride will boost the coagulation ability of your coagulant if your milk is low in total solids or has been excessively heat treated. Liquid coagulants must be refrigerated and never frozen.


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Veal Rennet

Traditional veal rennet, single-strength. Minimum 80% chymosin, 15% pepsin. 

Marshall Rennet Tablets

Vegetable coagulant tablets for cheesemaking. Microbial, derived from mucor pusillus and/or mucor miehei. Conveniently scored into quarters. 

Marzyme (DCI Supreme)

Double-strength microbial coagulant derived from a fermentation of purified culture of Rhizomucor miehei. This product is vegetarian.


Double-strength, 100% fermentation-derived chymosin enzyme (CHY-MAX® Extra) for coagulation of milk. 

Marzyme XT 850 PF (formerly called PF 55)

Marzyme XT 850 PF (formerly called PF 55) is the preservative-free version of Marzyme Supreme double-strength microbial coagulant.