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New Products

New for 2017

  • Lallemand Specialty Cultures

Dairy Connection has partnered with Lallemand Specialty Cultures to offer an expanded portfolio of ripening culture options. These products may not be available immediately on our website, though more information and samples may be available by request.

Please contact a Dairy Connection Technical Specialist to learn more.

  • PhageGuard food protection

​Don't give Listeria a chance with PhageGuard Listex™. Organic and 100% natural, PhageGuard Listex™ is an FDA-approved organic solution that specifically combats Listeria. This product is targeted to eliminate Listeria in your food products without affecting starter culture, taste, odor or texture. Listeria contamination is typically found on the outside of cheese products. Preventive use of Listex ensures Listeria is accessible and not vested within the cheese matrix.

Please contact a Dairy Connection Technical Specialist to learn more.

  • Lactase enzyme

​Tap into the demand for lactose-reduced and lactose-free dairy products with lactase enzyme from Dairy Connection. Lactase reduces lactose, can decrease the need for added sugar, and is easy to use. The application of lactase is useful for the manufacturing of reduced-lactose milk products including fluid milk, flavored milk and condensed milk; reduced-lactose cultured milk products such as yogurt, yogurt drinks and cheese products; reduced-lactose ice cream and reduced-lactose whey products.

Please contact a Dairy Connection Technical Specialist to learn more.